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Filmed over 20 years, a comedian's real life creates a satirical tragicomedy about following dreams THE MADNESS MAGNET...ED SURNAME

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Q&A in Camden Town


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Ed interviewed on 2 hours’ sleep and not giving one ounce of a fuck


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“A Tragicomedy Like No Other”


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Ed chats to London Theatres at Camden Eye before gig


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“There Are None That Come Even Close...”



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“How can a film so sad also be so happy?”


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Of 7 billion humans, here is 1’s film review at Etcetera Theatre


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Recorded in London Bridge studios, this must be the biggest thing to have hit London Bridge last week... #filmmaker #filmmaking #youtube #youtuber #movie #film #poster #trailer #editing #editingapps

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#UnsolicitedMaterial ★★★★ Ships/Plays worldwide on Amazon from 3.99 >>Stream or >>DVD


Filmed 24/7 over 20 years, an aspiring comic's home movies create a real-life tragicomedy which asks if following a childhood dream is the meaning of life or an unrealistic waste of fucking time.


Made from the 1000s of tapes Ed Surname left behind, this Grand Jury-nominated movie satirises the mask that comedians wear for their public personas & the resulting personal costs.


Ed Surname is guerrilla filmmaker and satirist whose award-losing work involves psychoanalysis of why some humans feel compelled to perform comedy.


He created The StandUp SitDown radio show out of Riverside TV Studios where he introspected with fellow comics. The Grand Jury-nominated movie Unsolicited Material (2016) was made from his 1000s of home videos and is 51% funny, 49% psychoanalysis. His blog was misquoted in the national news. And his webshow Laugh or Cry TV was a real-life sitcom with public interactions, exploring the illusion of fame in society, the role of money in happiness and the personal cost of pursuing artistic ambition.


The Ed Surname project creates a new genre: 'reality-satire', where a real man's real life has been edited into a satire on show business.



“Absolute twat”††


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What happened in London Bridge last week offended many people. Luckily it's only 27 minutes and you can listen to it here (recorded at London Bridge studios) Thanks @overdoseofaaron #filmmaker #filmmaking #youtube #youtuber #movie #film #poster #trailer #editing #editingapps

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#Madness #Madness #Madness #Madness #Madness

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A bug which my dad described as "some sort of flying thing" showed incredible tenacity clinging onto the windscreen for over 10 minutes as we drove 60mph before being taken out by the automatic windscreen wiper. #JapaneseGameshow

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