All content © 1984-2016 Ed Surname & Pipe Dream Productions. Pipe Dream Productions is our production company but I suppose weíre not a real production company because first of all we donít have anyone working here called Danny. Also we donít have some uncreative bitch who is in charge of greenlighting creative projects called something like Lauren wearing some shit like a beret who will chuck your demo in the fucking bin and then not even reply out of polite courtesy.

Filmed 24/7 over 20 years, a comedian's home movies create a real-life tragicomedy about following dreams.

Ed Surname is an English homo sapien whose award-losing work involves psychoanalysis of why some humans feel compelled to perform comedy.

He created The StandUp SitDown radio show out of Riverside TV Studios where he introspected with fellow comics, the Grand Jury-nominated movie Unsolicited Material (2016) was made from his 1000s of home videos, his blog was misquoted in the national news and his webshow Laugh or Cry TV was a real-life sitcom with public interactions, exploring the illusion of fame in society, the role of money in happiness and the personal cost of pursuing artistic ambition.

Unsolicited Material invents Ďreality-satireí where a real manís real life has been edited with comic timing into a satire on the mask that comedians deny they wear.


This Grand Jury-nominated film is 51% funny, 49% serious exploration of why comedians sacrifice their lives to make strangers laugh.


If you missed Londonís theatre screenings, itís coming to VOD late 2016.

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